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Torontos Top 5 Conscious Community Spaces

As conscious, spiritual beings, we are aware of the importance of authentic connection. Having likeminded people and places we can visit is an important aspect of our social lives. Having a knowledge of local spaces where like-minded community gather is fundamental for cultivating and expanding our conscious relationships and community.

Toronto is known for having an array of trendy, niche and culturally stunning neighbourhoods. Within these communities rests a handful of spaces where yogis, seekers and creatives can connect. We have curated a list of the top conscious community spaces in Toronto.

1. The Rock Store

Located on Harbour Street in central Downtown, The Rock Store is an aesthetically stunning store, unmatched for collectors of metaphysical jewelry, décor and accessories.

The Rock Store has been serving Toronto for over 25 years and offers an appreciated size of organized crystals accents. The Rock Store displays well kept shelves of crystal where the team maintains colour coordinated inventory and product descriptions for the various properties of each kind.

The Rock Store staff is also more than sufficiently educated on product, guiding customers to certain crystals and areas depending on the shoppers needs.

Along with books, oracle cards, room décor and other metaphysical products, The Rock Store also offers an upstairs attic space where a variety of weekly classes, workshops and healing sessions are offered.

The modern-rustic feel of the upstairs space gives off a warm, welcoming and comforting vibe. The interior design of The Rock Store definitely compliments and honours the original stone and wood wook the house was originally built with.

All that is already said about the charming space, The Rock Store also has a roster of available holistic healers and practitioners. These highly trained professionals offer a catalogue of services for customers. From natal birth chart readings to past life regressions, reiki healing and crystal grid healing, individuals can be sure to find a service which connects to their needs and interests.

The Rock Store is a major pillar of Toronto’s spiritual community, and considering the space and the people who work inside of it, will remain so for a long time.

2. Hoame

One of Toronto’s newest spiritual endeavours, Hoame is King-west’s newest mindfulness and meditation studio. The stunning studio is finished with minimalistic, modern and state of the art lighting and accents, ensuring guests are getting a top rate experience.

Hoame offers drop-in dark and light meditation classes. They offer guests the option to ‘book a cushion’ ahead of time and secure a reserved place. The new concept coins itself to be Torontos space for modern meditation. Viewing photos of the space it is safe to say even the most paticularl yoga and meditation goers will be impressed at the design and atmosphere of Hoame.

Ontop of the dark and light meditation class options, the space also includes an infrared sauna and Himalayan Salt Cave as options for individual and guided meditation sessions.

Corporate packages and wellness workshops are also available. Sitting right outside Toronto’s financial district, Hoame is ideal for those in the corporate world who wish to invest some quiet time into themselves and rejuvenate their minds and bodies.


Being the first of its kind to enter Toronto, FLOAT is a new alrernative therapy which is commonly known as 'floating' or sensory deprivation. FLOAT Toronto is a beautiful, spa-like space loacted on the outskirts of Queen West.

Sensory deprivation tanks are available to guests to indluge in 30min-2 hour float times. These 7-7ft tanks are filled 900lbs of Epsom salts which allows users to physically float in these tanks. The silent, dark and gravityless tanks offers an extremely relaxing and meditative experience, encouraging healing and relaxation. Showers are available in each of the FLOAT rooms, with organic body lotions and wash's for post-float.

One of the best parts of the FLOAT Toronto is the post-float sitting area, where complimentary local tea is available and a community note book where users can write about their experience. It is always enjoyable to read through peoples insights post-float and share the zen experience.

There are endless benefits to floating such as stress reduction, pain management, increased blood circulation and many more. FLOAT Toronto is in its own realm of alternative healing, and should be on everyones experience list.

4. 889 Community

Founded by two wellness enthuaist sisters, 889 Community offers Toronto a beautiful community space promoting wellness, self care and self development. The yoga studio offers a verity of classes for every level. From reiki yoga, pre-natal, meditative, heated, and traditional classes, 889 is one of Torontos top yoga studios.

Situated in an 1800's victorian house, those who visit are bound to appreciate the authentic and rustic feel of the studio. 889 encourages class-goers to invest in themselves and live out a health conscious lifestyle. Offering various events and workshops, being apart of the 889 community will find you a like-minded tribe in no time.

The highly talented teachers execute heart-moving classes and also have recently come out with yoga and reiki training programs. 889 is a staple of Torontos yogi community.

5. Bampot - The Bohemian Tea House

Bampot is a must-see space for the free-spirited, gypsy, boho human who loves exotic teas and humbly enchating experiences. You won't find pretenious types in their Louboutins coming here, as the rustic Checz-styled tea house has a no-shoe house rule.

The tea house is known for its floor seating, board games and 100 option tea menu. The owner and servers are very knowledgable on the teas and can suggest something perfect for your palette.

The house acts as a gallery which changes frequently as they are always accepting new artwork to post on their walls. They also hold weekly event nights, where they will have art classes and "Life Drawing" sessions in the back; Bampot offers all necessary materials to fine-tune your creative drawing skills.

Bampot has been talked about in various Toronto and even NewYork blogs and articles, often referred to as one of "Toronto's best kept secret's". The overall eccentric and bohemian feel of this charming tea house is bound to impress.

"What you are seeking is seeking you" - Rumi

Toronto being such a richly diverse city, it makes sense as to why we have an entire spectrum of spaces where spiritualists and conscious beings can spend their time. From yoga, to alternative holistic therapy, to tea shops and more, residents and visitors to the city have a home to visit in almost every neighbourhood. We are grateful to live in such an encapsulating place, and more so grateful for the amazing owners and creators who have built these stunning spaces.

Love and light,

Christine Lauren

Owner of The Healing Hause

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