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Crystal Healing 101: 5 Crystals to Initiate Your Journey

Learn about the power of connecting with crystals and their healing properties being a powerful holistic alternative for healing purposes. #CrystalTherapy #CrystalHealing

Over the past decade there has been a major increase crystal popularity in the West. Crystal jewelry, home decor and art pieces have become more and more present on social media and in store fronts. However, this article is here to touch more on the power and energy healing properties these ancient, stunning tools embody and just how connecting to certain types can help you heal.

"Crystals are living beings at the beginning of creation" - Nikolas Tesla

Where Do Crystals Come From? How Do They Work?

It is important to first touch on the origin of crystals and crystal healing rituals. Crystals are natural elements which have grown from the earth and been here since the beginning of time. Our spiritualists predecessors, Energy Muse, has an article which goes into the more raw, scientific information about the history of crystals and foundational understanding of how they work here, which may be of value for beginners.

Every person emits their own personal vibration and it goes to say it is the same for crystals. Some people instantly make you feel happier, lighter and generally in a better mood when you're around them. However, some people you come across darken your mood and may make you feel off. Whats good to know about crystals is that they all have positive attributes, and instead of you taking on a negative feeling, they can help protect you from negative energy vibrations.

Top 5 Healing Crystals and Their Attributes

1. Rose Quartz

The number one crystal for emanating love. Rose Quartz is excellent for healing the heart chakra and wounds relating to love. Rose Quartz always looks beautiful as a pendant and strung as a necklace. The Pink tones reflects its properties relating to love.

2. Amethyst

Spiritual and psychic healing. This stunning crystal is a very aesthetically pleasing one and always looks good as room decor. However this stone works great for assisting spiritual and soul healing work. Place Amethyst beside your bed or sleeping space and reap the benefits of this powerful stone.

3. Obsidian

In the day and age of technology and constant exposure to wifi and other digital radiation, Obsidian can be your best friend. The black, shiny appearance of this stone is very alluring. By placing this crystal between you and your laptop or cellphone while you either use it or sleep, can help block negative radiation from effecting your energy levels.

4. Citrine

Cleanse and regenerate. The yellow colour of this crystal reflects its connection to the solar plexus chakra, allowing people using this stone to regain personal power. Also, Citrine has been known as a stone which helps bring in abundance, use this stone for financial and monetary 'healing' as well.

5. Agate

Feel disconnected? Agate is one of the best stones for grounding. Keep this crystal in your pocket if you ever feel disconnected from the physical world or too much in your head. Perfect for people who suffer with anxiety or over-thinking.

How to Cleanse Your Crystals and Why You Should

Why should you cleanse your crystals? As humans, we sometime are put in environments which have toxic or negative energies. As humans, we sometimes allow those lower level frequencies to absorb into us and effect our moods. Crystals work the same. We cleanse ourselves with our own forms of self love, whether it be sage, meditation, baths, spa days, favourite meals and so on. Crystals have their own methods of self love and energy cleansing.

1. Salt

Put your crystal(s) in a bowl of pure sea or pink himalayan salt, salt has clearing attributes. Why did pirates lean over on ships and pour sea water on their wounds? Salt acts as a disinfectant and on an energetic level it can clear old or negative frequencies.

2. Moonlight

Full moon? Put your crystals outside or on a windowsill under the full moon to attract powerful cleansing life force. Moon-bathing / gazing can also be a powerful experience for the human body and soul.

3. Sage / Incense

Ancient herbs and scents have potent energy which has been used in rituals in ancient civilizations. Sageing your crystals can allow for a space clearing, especially when you bring in certain meditation intentions.

4. Meditation

The mindful practice of intention can be one of the most powerful rituals for not only the self but cleaning of energies and spaces; especially crystals.

5. Water

Fresh water bodies, especially found out in nature ca be an excellent space for clearing. Jumping in rivers, oceans and lakes arguably make us humans feel refreshed, this goes the same for crystals.

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