Meet the maker

Christine Lauren is the founder of HH.

Growing up experiencing ongoing adversities -- involving family trauma, addiction and abuse all from a young age, Christine was eventually led to energy healing which allowed her to heal from her reality.

Through the discovery of Reiki, Christine discovered her soul purpose in the field of holistic healing and therapies. Studying in parts of California and Costa Rica, Christine seeks to utilize her life experience, studies and skills to be of service to others and her community. Christine aims to ignite spiritual and energetic shifts in the collective through one on one sessions and help those heal from past trauma and ongoing adversity.

Christine is a Reiki Practitioner, Intuitive Reader and Light Worker and looks forward to further connecting with you.




\ˈhyüm  , ˈhōm\ 

"a place in which one is in harmony with the surroundings"

The Healing Hause revolves around the notion of becoming the only home you need. Instead of needing the perfect apartment, partner, furniture, family environment, etc to be happy, HH aims to help its clients feel safe, secure and  completely at home within their own skin and souls.

The Healing Hause believes we should not spend our time on earth searching for the perfect place to call home, but rather embody what we want that home to feel like. It is through this idea where we are healed, transformed and at peace with ourselves. We become our own sacred space, sanctuary, and place to call home.

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